I have the neighbours from Hell! I own two Great Danes and they keep barking at my neighbours.

Bark Control Collars and Customer FAQ's


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12 Apr 2024

Q. Please Help! I have the neighbours from hell. I own two Great Danes and they keep barking at my neighbours. Mind you the neighbours keep putting their hands and things on our side of the fence. But I don't want to have a noise complaint made nor make it any harder then it needs to be.

I have never really been fond of the idea of shock collars but it's come to the point I need to try them.

Can you please give me an idea of what will happen? Like every time they bark do they get shocked? What if they're just talking or playing..... is it every time they make a noise?


A. For Great Dane’s, the best option is an electric collar this is because they are a fairly determined dog.

In regards to the collars, you would only need to put it on at the times when the dog is normally barking. So, if the dog is excessively barking during the day then all you would need to do is put the collar on during the day and take it off at night.

However, if your dog is only barking while you are out put it on when you leave then take it off when you get home.

The collars should only be left on for a maximum period of 12 hours in any 24-hour period.

When the dog barks, the collar will pick up the vibration of the voice box and administer a little static pulse like touching the car door and you get a little zap, it does not hurt the dog in anyway but does teach them not to bark.


Here is a link to an article on how the collars work as well as a comparison chart on other items that use static electricity



Unfortunately, the collars cannot distinguish between barking, talking and playing. But your dog will learn that when it is wearing the collar that it is quiet time.


The collars I would recommend for your dog would be:


SportDOG SBC-R – this collar is our most successful bark collar and can be adjusted to suit any dog’s temperament



Dogtra YS600




All the above collars will be suitable to deter your dogs from barking.