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17 Apr 2024

As man’s best friend, dogs play an important role in life for many people. Beyond good old companionship, many dogs across the globe are working hard herding sheep, sniffing out bombs or guiding the blind through busy streets and shopping centres.

We often characterise working dogs to be providing a vital service with the military, police and those who have an impairment or disability. However that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what dogs can be trained to do these days. Check out some of the interesting jobs our K9 friends are capable of below:

Cancer Detection

With half of all Australians being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, scientists are always looking for new cancer detection and prevention methods. One that has been successful is the use of dogs in the cancer screening process. Similar, to those that sniff out drugs for police, these dogs are trained to sniff for cancer in the human body. From skin cancer to colon cancer, from ovarian cancer to bowel cancer, scientists believe dogs are capable of detecting many deadly cancers from as little as the patient's breath!

May0046126. Sunday Telegraph. Medical detection dogs for ST Home & Living. Medical detection dogs are trained to detect medical conditions including hypoglycaemia and certain types of cancer. Picture shows 8 year old Labrador Daisy who was trained from 6 months old, she detects cancer. Daisy is pictured on the device used to allow her select cancer samples by smell, Daisy will sit by the urine sample that she detects has cancer. Picture date 12/03/2013


Different people have different methods of coping with their traumatic experiences. Therapy dogs give comfort and a sense of responsibility to those in hospitals, nursing homes, returned military service men and women and a variety of others that suffer from forms of stress. The best part is any dog can be a therapy dog as long as it is happy to be around humans.

Food Finding Dogs

No not the ones at airports...Did you know there are dogs that are trained to dive into our oceans up to fifteen feet deep to retrieve lobsters? If you are into another delicacy, dogs have been trained to scour forrests in search of the highly lucrative truffle. I'll take a lobster any day thanks!


This one seems to be common for almost any animal. Chuck some paint in front of it and all of the sudden it’s an artist. We found a story online of a dog who scratches, licks and chews at canvases to create art. The owner sells his dog’s work for over $1,000 a piece! Maybe you have the next budding 'Leonardo Dog Vinci'...sorry about that.


If a dog that is creating art wasn’t quirky enough, some dogs make it to the catwalk (or dogwalk in this case!). These high fashion mutts are used to show off fashion for dogs and reap a nice financial earn for their owners.  Be aware that these dogs can be very high maintenance though!