Introducing the DogWatch SmartFence PT5

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17 Apr 2024

The Worlds Most Advanced Electric Dog Fence is Now Available!

DogWatch has always been the undoubted leader in dog containment systems.  Well, now they have raised the bar again with the release of the SmartFence PT5.

The SmartFence PT5 combines all the features of the premium 1200FMD fence but adds a Wi-Fi portal and an App that allows you to do so much more. Stay connected to your DogWatch fence no matter where you are and receive critical alerts via text and/or email.

Here’s what it does:

-  Receive alerts when your dog’s collar loses connection with the system (escapes the boundary)
-  Monitor your dog’s daily activity, including any time he activates the fence
-  Receive alerts if your collar battery is running low
-  Receive alerts if your boundary wire has been broken

The one thing to consider is that you need your portal to be connected to Wi-Fi. As the portal is connected to the transmitter you need to ensure both are within your household Wi-Fi range. If this is not possible then stick with the Premium 1200FMD.

So, for those that like to monitor things a little more closely when away from home, or if you are just a tech-head, The SmartFence PT5 may be the new dog containment system to add to your wishlist.