Most Popular Dog Containment Fence Layouts

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18 Apr 2024

We often get asked how to install a containment fence system or what the best layout is. Everyone's situation is different and on this page are a few of the most popular fence layouts. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our containment fence experts on 1300 668 931.

Full Yard (with internal zones - optional)

With the basic single loop layout, you can create a simple and effective boundary that covers your entire yard. You can also create internal zones by twisting the wire up to the internal area you want to block off (swimming pool, gardens, washing lines etc.). Twisting the wire cancels out the signal and allows your dog to cross over the line without receiving a static correction.

Hourglass - Front Yard and Back Yard

The hourglass loop allows pets access to the front and backyard while keeping them away from the sides of your home. This is a great option for narrow yards and for dogs that are allowed through the house.

Please note: The wire forming the loop next to the house must be at least 1.5m apart to ensure the zone is active.

Partial Yard - Front Yard or Backyard

The Double Loop Layout keeps your pet in your front yard or backyard. This layout is common for backyards or front yards that have a gate obstructing their access.

Please Note: The distance between the 2 wires of the loop must be at least 1.5m apart to ensure the zone is active.

Existing Fence

Dog Containment Fence Systems can be used with existing traditional fencing as shown.

Please Note: The 2 loops of wire must be at least 1.5m apart to ensure the zone is active.