Q.  Hi, I have a working dog breed that picks and chooses when to come when called. Certain places he can be great, but the places he knows that when he gets called and he is going to be put away, he doesn't come to me. I realise that some people would say well do lots of calling and patting and don't put him away. But hes so intelligent he just knows and I feel like he needs to learn to come when called no matter the scenario. I have tried lots of different methods and I am starting to look in to the shock collars to use. I found your website while researching one to buy then I realised that you are at Meadowbrook, and I am on the Sunshine Coast. Do you have any dog trainers in my area? If not I am happy to travel. Thank you

A.  Hi, thanks for your time on the phone earlier.  As we discussed, I would look at these remote trainers for your breed of dog and the range you mentioned;

Dogtra 200C Series Remote Training Collar

Another very popular collar is the Dogtra Arc:

Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar

The dog trainers I recommended are really good and will be able to help you further, if you want to call them.  If you have any questions at all give me a call.