Pound fines - How much will it cost to retrieve my dog?

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17 Apr 2024

What are the penalties?  

The fine to collect your pet from the pound differs in each local council area. The cost of the fine can increase based on the number of days your dog is held at the pound and whether it is microchipped. For example, the cost for a dog to be released from Brisbane City Council’s pounds is $34.45 if it is microchipped and released on the first day. The price jumps by almost $20 if your pet is not microchipped or wearing an ID tag, and you have to pay $22.90 extra for every additional day your pet is impounded. That's up to $54.45 worth of pound fees for just one day.

In Sydney, the price is black and white with a $110 impoundment fee and an additional charge of $36 for each day the animal was at the pound. Similarly, in Melbourne, the charge is $65 for the first day and $15 for each additional day.

If your dog goes missing, a quick Google search will help you find the associated costs to retrieve them. Additionally, you can call your local council and they will be more than happy to help you out.

How can I prevent my dog from going missing?  

With the large costs and unwarranted stress from a missing dog, there are plenty of ways to help prevent them from going missing in the first place. Here are our top three tips for keeping your dog from going missing.

1. Get your dog desexed and microchipped

Getting your dog desexed can actually stop it from running away. It’s no surprise that their mating instincts will push them to find other dogs, but a desexed dog will have less of an urge to look for a mate.

Microchipping will help you be reunited with your dog sooner rather than later. When you’re adopting a dog from a shelter such as the RSPCA they come desexed and microchipped.

2. Good, consistent training

You need to train your dog to keep within the boundaries of your property. This could be through reward or punishment. Beyond that, it is also important to train your dog to respond to your commands so if you do see them leave the property they will come back on command.

3. Fixing your fencing 

Good fencing is another key to keeping your dog in your yard. Six-foot wooden fences don’t go with every yard and some council areas have restrictions on what fences you can use.

Dog containment systems are an easy solution to keeping your dog in your yard. They deliver a radio signal to your dog’s collar, giving them a safe static pulse, reminding them to stay within your property's boundaries. Not only do these system give you peace of mind, but you can set up the boundary however you want. For advice on containment fence systems, you're always welcome to give our friendly team a call on 1300 668 931.