Remote Training Collars

Remote Training Collar FAQs

Dog Training Collars allow you to use a remote to activate your dog's electric collar. Remote Training Collars are extremely effective when trying to gain a dogs attention and pull them into line in distracting situations. Remote Trainers are also a great tool to deter the dogs from bad behaviours they may have such as digging where they shouldn't and pulling washing off the line.

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Dog Training Collars - When is my dog ready for one?

A very common question asked by dog owners contemplating using dog training collars as part of their dog training routine is, “What age can I start to use a dog training collar?”

Like most things in dog training this is often a unique thing to the individual dog. Like people, some dogs will respond differently at different ages. The use of dog training collars is the same. Some dogs may be able to start a training program earlier while others have to wait a little longer.

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Does your dog only listen to you whilst wearing the Training Collar?

A remote dog training collar can be an extremely effective tool for modifying a dog's behaviour. However, there's no real point if your dog only obeys commands when he thinks he has to. This is known as having a 'collar aware' or 'collar wise dog'. The whole idea of using a remote trainer is to modify the dog’s behaviour on a permanent basis whether they're wearing the collar or not.

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