Selecting the best type of Bark Collar for your dog

Here at Bark Control Australia, we offer a wide selection of Bark Collars to control nuisance barking. The only complication with selecting a bark collar is that it can get a little confusing when trying to select the right solution that suits your particular situation. Hopefully, this short guide will help you select the right type of collar for your barking dog. Firstly, lets look at the different types of collars out there:

Ultrasonic Bark Collars


Ultrasonic collars emit an inaudible ultrasonic tone. Even though humans can not hear the tone, it is ear piercing for dogs. The collar only emits the ultrasonic tone when it detects your dog's barking (or another dog's bark...unfortunately) through the built-in microphone.

Unfortunately, many dogs become used to the ultrasonic tone and continue barking through the tone after a short time of using the product. We only recommend them as an alternative for young small dogs, senior dogs, or adult dogs with a low drive or a really timid temperament.

Spray Bark Collars


Spray collars are designed to fire out a burst of Citronella spray when detecting your dog's barking. Citronella Collars are the most well-known but may not be the most effective solution. Spray collars are recommended for timid pet dogs that are very responsive.

The PetSafe Rechargeable Spray is activated by the vibration of the vocal cords, and the Little Dog model is activated by the vibration of the vocal cords and microphone (sound of your dog's barking), meaning there will be no accidental corrections.

Spray collars are reasonably effective for many dogs (approx 70% effective). However, we do not recommend them for stubborn or working dog breeds as they often get used to the spray and bark through the spray.  They are also a little more expensive to run as spray refills are required.

Static Electric Bark Collars


Static electric bark collars are the most effective barking solution (98-99% effective). Static bark collars are available in a wide range of sizes and models to suit small to large stubborn dogs. Most static electric collars are activated by the vibration of your dog's vog's vocal cords and this prevents accidental corrections.

The collars also come in a wide variety of models for small dogs to large stubborn dogs. There are also options for rechargeable or replaceable batteries. All Static models are activated by a vibration sensor that is in contact with the dog's neck and is activated by the dog's bark and in some cases combining with a microphone sensor for extra reassurance.

Electric bark collars are far more advanced than in years gone by, with automatic cut-off switches and variable settings to find the right operating mode for your dog.  These collars cannot be worn all day (10-12hrs max).

Purchase with Confidence

We currently offer a performance guarantee on all Spray and Static Collars to give you some reassurance when purchasing one of our products. What that means for you, is that if the product you purchase doesn't work on your dog, you can upgrade to a different model. Soon Neil will be adding a short product review with recommendations on each individual collar to help make your selection process even easier.

Remember, we are only a phone call away if you wish to speak to us about getting the right product for your dog. Good Luck!