Thinking of Purchasing an Electric Dog Fence? Common Facts and Myths

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04 Nov 2024

If you have a dog that is prone to escaping your physical boundary no matter how many modifications you make, or you simply don’t have a physical boundary in place, an electric dog fence is one of the most reliable, cost effective and SAFE containment options to consider for your pets.


Let’s clear up some of the common facts and myths regarding electric dog fences:

Electric dog collars are unsafe to use with your dog – MYTH.

Electric dog collars cannot physically harm your dog when used correctly. Any physical item used with your dog, take your dog’s collar and walking lead for instance, could potentially harm the dog if not used properly. However, if the human in charge uses the product as designed, they are extremely safe to use. The same applies with electric dog fence collars.


Electric collars can burn your dog’s skin – MYTH.

Electric dog collars do not have the capacity to create enough thermal heat required to burn skin. Unfortunately, some animal owners who purchase an electric dog fence neglect to read the safety recommendations regarding the dog wearing the collar. Each product manual outlines that electric collars are designed to be left on a dog for no more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period to avoid the pressure from the contact probes potentially irritating the dog’s skin. Rotating the collar throughout the day or specific 24 hr probes are an option.


Electric dog fence collars deliver an electric shock to your dog – MYTH.

Whilst the term "shock collar" is widely used when referring to electric collars for dogs, it doesn’t accurately describe how electric dog collars function. An electric shock is the sudden application of electric current to a living organism with sufficient strength and duration to produce a convulsive or thermal effect with injurious exposure consequences (Reilly 1998). Electric dog collars utilise safe transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which artificially stimulates nerves and sensory receptors. This same stimulation technology is used by medical professionals to manage joint, labour, arthritis and sporting injury pain in humans.You can use this widget to input text into the page.


An electric dog fence could save your dog’s life - FACT

Every year, thousands of dogs are hit by cars, injured by other animals or simply shot and killed because they have ventured outside their property. An electric dog fence ensures your dog can enjoy exploring their whole designated yard, safely out of harm’s way, without being physically restrained.


Bark Control Australia has helped to safely contain over 25,000 dogs in the last 12 years, significantly improving the life of the dogs and their owners alike – FACT.