Two King Charles Cavaliers barking throughout the day

Bark Control Collars and Customer FAQ's


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12 Apr 2024

Q.  I have two cavalier king Charles spaniel who are 5 years old - brother and sister. Their barking usually occurs throughout the day.

One will bark and the other barks too. When people walk by and dogs barking in the neighbourhood. Being two of them it can sound quite frenzied. They are both quite nervous and one is very compulsive. He barks for excitement which also sets her off. We cannot walk them because of the barking frenzy when we try to take them out of the house. I have tried numerous things like reward training and had bark busters out to my house. Their final response was that they were just too hard. What collars should I look at?


A. With Bark Busters saying that, I am inclined to lean towards a static electric bark collar.  When a dog barks they give a small static correction (like walking across carpet and touching something metal - however, they do not feel it to the extent we do as they don't have moisture in their skin like we do, so don't conduct it as well)

Q.  So not cruel? Because that's why I haven't reached this point previously.


A.  No, and I am going to recommend one of the 'Manual Set' style of collars, which means you set the level of correction to the point where it is just enough to distract them, and in doing so, break the bark cycle.  Manual set simply means there is a dial on the collar with the different levels, and you start at the lowest level and work up until you see your dog's body language slightly change, as if to say 'what just happened then?'  I also have a couple of articles that may interest you; like Citronella Vs Electric Collars, and Are Static Collar Safe.

Q.  So are you referring to the Dogtra YS300?


A.  There are a few models to consider.  However, the YS300 is sound activated, which is great for barking, howling and whining.  However, it is probably not the best option for 2 dogs. If your male is standing really close to your female and barks, and they are both wearing this collar, his collar will correct him for barking, but his barking may also set off her collar.



Here is a great bark collar to look at, The Bark Collar by DogWatch BT-7 is a great option It is waterproof, rechargeable (no changing batteries every few months) and comes with a 3 year warranty.  It has a vibration only setting, an automatic setting and the manual set option with 5 levels of correction.  You may find that your male ends up on a slightly higher level than the female due to his drive.  It also comes with a basic basic counter so that you are able to monitor both your dogs barking and how they are responding to the bark collar.