Common Dog Fence Layouts Videos

Not sure of the best way to run the wire around your boundary? Here are some short videos of the most common dog fence layouts. Be sure to contact us if you require a different type of layout...

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The Only Dog Training Video You Will Ever Need To See

If anyone is having behavioural issues with their dogs, then they need to watch the video below. I have never seen a trainer take command of a situation and have the student dogs eating out of the palm of her hand so quickly.

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Loose-leash walking thanks to a Remote Dog Training Collar

Recently, we asked our customers to volunteer their dog to appear in a video.  What we were looking for was a dog that was a bad walker, meaning, it pulled their owners around the neighbourhood, generally making the whole thing a fairly unpleasant experience.

In the video below you will meet 'Donny' a small dachshund that can certainly get up a head of steam!  Using a remote dog training collar we had Donny walking perfectly in no time.

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Dog Barking Collars - How to fit one properly

Your dog's collar needs to be fitted high up on your dog's neck (just underneath their jawline) and adjusted tight enough so that it doesn't move side to side. Once it's in this position, give the module a quick shake-up and down to shuffle the probes through your dog's fur.

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