What is the Best Bark Collar for my Poodle?

Bark Control Collars and Customer FAQ's


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12 Apr 2024


Intelligent, active, elegant, and identified by their unique curly coat, the Poodle has become a much-loved family member and a recognised breed in dog shows and events. The Poodle comes in 3 average sizes; Toy (24-28cm), Mini (28-35cm) and Standard (45-60cm). The Standard Poodle typically has a calmer personality compared to the smaller breeds but in saying that, all Poodles can become high strung if they're not given the proper amount of exercise or mental stimulation each day. Poodles generally have a friendly nature - but don't let their kind personality fool you. Due to their high intelligence, consistent training is an absolute must. Lack of training may result in nuisance behaviour including excessive barking. Scroll down to view our bark collar recommendations for Poodles.

Bark Collar Recommendations for Poodle Dogs

There are two things to consider when choosing a bark collar for your Poodle:

a. Your Poodle's Size

-  Toy - 2.5kg - 5kg
-  Mini - 5kg - 12kg
-  Standard - 12kg+

b. Your Poodle's Temperament

-  Citronella spray collars are a suitable option for Poodles with a timid temperament. Citronella spray collars emit a quick burst of citronella-scented spray that creates an annoying sensation on your dog's muzzle. This form of bark control can be effective on some dogs.
-  Static electric collars are the most effective form of bark control (98-99% success rate). If your Poodle has a mild to stubborn temperament, we only recommend purchasing a static electric bark collar. These collars deliver a safe and consistent static stimulation that quickly teaches your dog not to bark when they're wearing the collar.

Poodle puppies under 6 months

If you have a Poodle under 6 months old, we generally don't recommend using any form of bark control because puppies still need to be puppies, however, if your dog is non-stop barking, we recommend using a citronella spray collar. If barking habits continue as they get older, we recommend upgrading to a static electric bark collar.

Bark Collar Model

PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar - PBC17-16447








Collar Features

-  Suitable for dogs 4kg - 12kg
-  15 Levels of static stimulation
-  Temerament Learning Mode
-  Vibration-activated - suitable for multiple dog scenarios
-  Waterproof
-  Rechargeable
-  30-day Performance Guarantee
-  3-year Warranty

PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Spray Bark Control Collar - PBC00-11283






-  Suitable for dogs 3kg - 12kg
-  Citronella Spray
-  Vibration and Sound Activated - suitable for multiple dog            scenarios
-  Waterproof
-  30-day Performance Guarantee
-  3-year Warranty