Which fence is best for a wandering Labrador on acreage?

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12 Apr 2024

Q.  Hi, I am looking at an electric dog containment system for our wandering Labrador.  We are on 40 acres, but I am looking to fence her in an area of about 4 acres, a boundary fencing area of just under 500metres.  We need a system with a waterproof collar as she loves to get into the dam and horse water troughs regularly.  Can you advise what you think would be the best cost effective system that you have is.  Also can the wire be cable tied to a post and wire fence or does it need to be buried and is the system affected by stock electric fencing units in the vicinity of your system. Thanks



A.  Thanks for the inquiry.  I just need to confirm that you have an adult dog?  I will base my answers as if you do have an adult dog. Also, normally it's good to know what type of existing fences you have.  As we are talking about acreage, I am going to assume that it is something like post and wire fencing, or something equally poor at keeping in a dog!


Ok, as far as systems go, I would look at DogWatch 1200FMD fence system with the premium receiver collar. This collar is completely waterproof and has a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing faults.


The wire of the DogWatch system can be set up near the electric fence and can be attached to existing fencing with zip ties.  I would avoid burying if you can simply to save yourself work!


It would be best to call and discuss this in a bit greater detail as I am recommending based on some assumptions.  My recommendation may be different after talking.


Hope that has been some help.