Will a Remote Trainer help control my German Shepherd?

Customer FAQ's and Dog Training Collars


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12 Apr 2024

Q.  I have a German Shepherd 8 year old.  I need something to control him especially while out walking - he can get nasty if people come to talk.  I see you have some remote trainers around the $300 mark.  Would this stop his behaviour?


A.  Thanks for your inquiry.  A remote trainer can certainly assist with gaining better control over your dog.  I would be looking to improve his general heeling, etc and getting him to ignore distractions when walking.  However with this type of setting, I would strongly suggest calling us to discuss the situation in greater detail.


It is a bit difficult to give you definite answers until we get more information - like the age, weight, temperament and some history about your dog, as well as what is happening on the walk.  We even have some videos on walking dogs and using remote trainers on our Youtube channel.  I look forward to discussing this with you further.