Will an Ultrasonic Bark Device work on my four Greyhounds?

Bark Control Collars and Customer FAQ's


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12 Apr 2024

Q.  I have 4 greyhounds who aren't bad, but they bark when I leave for work at 3:30am. My neighbours are close so I don't want to upset them. Will the Outdoor Ultrasonic Device work for my dogs?  Can you recommend what is the best solution for my dogs that is relatively cost effective?


A.  Ultrasonics are an option for your situation, though they may not be as effective as collars.  Ultrasonic devices are sound activated and deliver a blanket correction, meaning all dogs are corrected, potentially, for one dog’s behaviour.  Collars are much more effective because the dog is only corrected for their own behaviour and that makes it easy for them to understand how to avoid the correction, by being quiet when it is fitted.  The below questions will help you in finding the best solution for your situation;


Is there an instigator in the bunch who sets everyone off or are they all prone to barking a little bit from time to time?
Are your dogs more responsive to smell or activity?


Bark collars can be worn for up to 12 hours a day.  You could even fit them to the dogs of an evening and have your partner remove them in the morning if that works best for you.  Spray collars can be effective with a lot of pet breed dogs, though success really depends on the individual dog, their motivation and drive.  If spray doesn’t do the job, static electric is the way to go.  Also have a look at our Performance Guarantees on our bark collars and our 'Bark Collars by Breed'.