Dogtra Bark Collars for Small Pet Breeds Dogs to Large Working Breed Dogs

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Dogtra Bark Collars for small pets to large working dogs


Dogtra iQ Bark Collar

Dogtra - World's Finest Electronic Collars

Dogtra is the premium brand in manufacturing heavy-duty bark collars to be effective on small pets to large working breed dogs with a headstrong personality. Dogtra has a reputation for being the world's best designers and manufacturers of e-collars for

  • Pet Dogs
  • Hunting
  • Training
  • Performance

Dog trainers, farm owners and suburban families support Dogtra's reputation for being the most reliable and durable electronic dog products on the market.

Dogtra YS500
Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar

Dogtra Bark Collars

Our entire range of electric bark collars are waterproof and designed to work on small to large stubborn dogs. For headstrong working breed dogs, the most effective and reliable product is the heavy duty Dogtra YS600. For howling dogs or smaller dogs, the Dogtra YS300 is a more sensitive model designed for more suburban/house dogs.

If you're unsure which bark collar is best for your situation, feel free to call us at 1300 668 931.


Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar


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Tough, Rechargeable Bark Collar for Large Stubborn Dogs

Stubborn Large Medium Smalll Tiny 


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Waterproof and Rechargeable No Bark Collar by Dogtra

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 


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Water resistant, budget friendly barking collar

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 


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Long Dogtra Contact Probes - 2.5cm in length

Stubborn Large Medium Smalll Tiny