HoundHouse Dog Kennels

HoundHouse Kennels - A Secure Comfortable Space of their Own

HoundHouse Dog Kennels are designed to provide your dog with a comfortable place to sleep and rest throughout the year! Features of the Original HoundHouse include:

  • Waterproof, marine quality canvas that naturally insulates and ventilates throughout the year​
  • Includes a comfortable, tie-in cushioned mat that provides your dog with sensational support
  • Supported by a heavy-duty steel frame - easy to dismantle and set up
Building the HoundHouse

HoundHouse Original Canvas and HoundHouse Dog Den




HoundHouse Original Canvas Green

What are the differences between the HoundHouse Original and Dog Den?

The fundamental differences between the HouseHouse Original and Dog Den are:

HoundHouse Original:

  • Made from a marine quality canvas - green colour
  • Canvas expands in summer and contracts in winter keeping your dog comfortable all year round
  • Made with a PVC base that supports your dog as they sleep and won't sag over time
  • The mesh base has a large weave to prevent fleas from laying eggs
  • Includes cushioned mat with purchase
  • Supported by a steel frame
  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to fold

Dog Den:

  • Budget friendly version!
  • Made of a nylon denier - Beige colour
  • Supported by a sturdy, black-powder frame
  • Does not include cushioned mat - sold separately
  • Easy to fold


HoundHouse Dog Den Kennel
HoundHouse Original Canvas Replacement Hood

Replacement Hoods and Sleeping Mats

Replacement hoods and mats for the HoundHouse Original Canvas Kennel and the HoundHouse Dog Den are available to purchase separately. Available in sizes small to extra-large, the replacement hood and mesh base is easy to replace over the corresponding size frame.

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HoundHouse Replacement Mat Canvas Green

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The World's BEST Dog Kennel!

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 


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The perfect head pad ideal for use all year round!

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 

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Waterproof Nylon Denier HoundHouse Cover

Stubborn Large Medium Smalll Tiny 

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HoundHouse soft foam core beige mat

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 


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Camouflage Heat Mat for the medium HoundHouse Kennel

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny 

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High Quality Canvas Dog Mat

Stubborn Large Medium Small Tiny