How to Choose the Right Electric Dog Fence for Your Requirements

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:18 February 2011 

The Right Electric Dog Fence for Your Dog

So you want a dog containment system but you're not sure on the right one?  Hopefully this quick guide will take some of the guess work out of choosing the right dog containment fence from our extensive range.  Remember that whether it is a hidden fence, an Innotek containment fence, a PetSafe inground radio fence or a SportDog Stubborn Dog Fence we are effectively talking about the same thing.  The boundary wire can be attached to an existing fence, laid on the ground or buried.  The key is to find the system with the right features for your dog's temperament and your property.  So lets have a look at each system!

DogWatch Hidden Fence 1200FMD.

The DogWatch 1200FMD is the best containment fence in the world.  It can control dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments with durable collar receivers, while internal and external surge protection ensures your system is safe from storms or power surges.  The unique FM Digital signal does not encounter interference from metal structures which makes the DogWatch Hidden Fence the only fence that we recommend for customers with Colorbond or metal sheet fencing.  If you're looking for the highest quality fence available, the DogWatch 1200FMD is the way to go! For more details Click Here 

There is also the DogWatch Premium Stubborn Hidden Fence 1200FMD - for more details Click Here

PetSafe Standard Inground Radio Fence PRF-3004W.

PetSafe's basic dog radio fence system.  A better system than SD2000 as it is has a smaller, waterproof collar and the system can handle properties up to 10 acres.  The collar is suitable for dogs from 5kg but this containment system offers no adjustable correction levels.  Best suited to moderate temperament dogs in suburbia or small to mid size acreages.  For more details Click Here


PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Inground Fence  PIG22-11868.

So often with many products it is hard to get things that fit on the smaller dogs.  Not any more!  The PetSafe Little Dog fence has the smallest collar available.  It is waterproof and has 4 correction levels.  The dog fencing system can accommodate a 25 acre block.  We recommend this unit for dogs from 3.5kg to 7kg but can be used on larger more timid dogs as well.  Suitable for all property sizes up to 25 acres.  For more details Click Here


SportDog Stubborn Dog Inground Fence SDF-100. 

If you have a larger working dog and are on the land then this is your choice in dog fencing systems.  Heavy duty buckle up waterproof collar strap with 4 levels of correction and a training mode.  System comes with 300 metres of wire as opposed to all other systems (150m).  Heavy duty transmitter comes with lightning surge protection and can cover an amazing 100 acres.  We usually recommend the PetSafe Stubborn containment system to those in suburbia who need a stubborn system and this SportDog unit to those on 1 acre and above as this is comparable in price with better features when you add in the extra wire that comes with this system.  For more details Click Here

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Inground Radio Fence PRF-3004XW. 

An electric dog fence deigned with larger stubborn breeds in mind.  The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence has a larger waterproof collar with a training mode and 4 levels of heavier correction.  The same transmitter as the standard version and will cover a 10 acre property.  Best suited for larger dogs from 15kg that are stubborn or working breed.   For more details Click Here

Innotek SD2000.

Our basic dog containment system with limited features and can handle properties up to 5 acres.  The larger device box on the collar makes it suitable for dogs 8kg or larger.  However this is the only collar that is not waterproof in our range.  There are no adjustable correction settings and the collar uses a 6 volt alkaline battery.  Best suited to medium to large dogs, on residential house blocks to small acreages that cannot get into water!!  For more details Click Here


One of our best containment systems!  Small, waterproof rechargeable collar is suitable for dogs from 5kg.  Ability to adjust correction settings to suit your dog (low, medium, high).   High output transmitter to handle properties up to 25 acres.  Battery power back up is another excellent feature!  Best suited for most even temperamented dogs from 5kg on suburban house blocks to medium size acreages. 


Quality system with contoured collar straps which are very popular.  Fully rechargeable and waterproof the collars suit dogs from 5kg.  While there is no variable correction settings this dog fence system offers run through protection which detects if your dog is moving quickly towards the fence and corrects at a higher level.  Can cover 25 acre properties which makes this radio fence system suitable for most even temperamented dogs over 5kg. 



Same containment system as the IUC4100 with the added feature of a remote control that can work 2 containment collars as a remote control collar as well!  you can add other IUC4100 collars to contain unlimited dogs.  Ideal for the dog owner who needs to stop their dog escaping but has other behavioural issues that can be fixed with a remote training collar. 

What if I have dogs of different sizes and temperaments?  Do I need to install different containment systems?  No you don't!  If you do fall into this category and you need different types of collars to suit different dogs stick with PetSafe and the SportDog radio fences.  All PetSafe and Sportdog dog fencing systems run off the same frequency so all collars can be intermatched.  So if you live on acreage and have a stubborn cattle dog, you could buy the SportDog Stubborn Dog Fence and after you buy a Shitzhu/Maltese order an extra collar for a PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Containment System and they will work perfectly together!

I always suggest to those with properties that have no fencing at all ('run through zones') you should consider collars that have adjustable correction levels in case you need to increase the level.  If it is a larger dog always go for one of the stubborn dog fencing systems in these circumstances.

Well, that ought to do it!  As you can see, there is a dog containment fence system for each individual situation.  If you are still not sure how to deal with your escaping dog please pick up the phone and call us.  We are always happy to help getting you moving in the right direction!