Neil's Review

The Big Leash from DogWatch  has plenty of unique features, none more impressive than the first ever two way communication between the collar and the receiver.  The collar actually tells the remote how far away it is.  Perfect when your dog is out of sight and getting close to out of range!  High stim levels if required, waterproof collar, fully rechargeable, 800m range on FM signal, Momentary correction (nick) plus vibration and tone stimuli  make this an excellent remote pet trainer.  The new Firefly model has undergone positive changes with a tougher remote casing and new light system on the collar for improved night time visibility.

DogWatch BigLeash FireFly Remote Dog Training Collar

The Big Leash FireFly by DogWatch. The New and improved BigLeash FireFly has an all new durable Transmitter and receiver collar light.  BigLeash FireFly is the only remote trainer with a display that provides information about the two-way communication between the transmitter and receiver. The hand-held transmitter visually confirms that you are "linked" to the receiver and shows you the signal strength (distance) between the receiver and transmitter.

The new receiver collar light is a great addition to this already feature packed remote trainer. The light allows you to see your dog at night while walking in busy streets, parks or in the bush. Having the light also allows other people or motorists to see you and your dog which will keep you both safe.

The BigLeash FireFly has two dog capability and a solid 800metre range on a powerful FM signal.  15 Training levels that can be delivered as Brief/Nick or Continuous give plenty of variety when it comes to finding the right level for your dog. Alternatively, there is an Audible /Vibration training option. Both Receiver and Remote are fully rechargeable for added convenience.