Surface Conductor Grid -24 Hour Contact Pad

This Surface conductor contact pad is designed for dogs that are collar aware. The pad is designed to bypass the pressure from the 2 contact points which will reduce any tissue damage (Pressure Necrosis). The contact grid also improves the transfer of correction to the dog's skin which means you will not need to use as high of a level to get the positive reaction out of the dog.

This product is great for any containment system if you have a dog that is constantly testing the boundary.

Compatible with the following Containment collars:

All Innotek Containment Systems, All Petsafe Containment Systems & Sportdog Containment Systems

Compatible with the following Bark Control collars*:

Dogtra YS300, Dogwatch BT-7, 

Compatible with the  following Remote Trainers:

All Dogtra, SportDOG, Big Leash and PetSafe electric remote training collars.

*Not intended for continuous use with bark collars

  • 1 x Contact Pad
  • 1 x Set of Screw on Insulators
  • 2 x Set of Stainless steel threads