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1 x CatWatch Hidden Cat Fence

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CatWatch Hidden Cat Fence

The CatWatch Hidden Fence (by DogWatch) is the most advanced electric cat fence on the market. Trusted by cat owners worldwide, the CatWatch Hidden Cat Fence safely contains cats for peace of mind 24/7. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system with additional receiver collars and the boundary area is completely customisable. The fence can cover up to 2 acres with additional wire so whether you need to stop your cat from escaping, keep them out of your gardens or stop them from going to certain parts of the yard such as animal pens, a cat fence will help. You will receive 150m of wire with your initial fence kit. To extend your pet's containment area, you will need additional boundary kits.

How it Works

There are 3 main components to a containment fence system; the transmitter, wire and receiver collar.

Transmitter: The transmitter sends an FM signal through the boundary wire. The transmitter needs access to power at all times and needs to be placed somewhere out of the weather. We recommend that the transmitter is placed in the garage, in a verandah area or inside your home.

Wire: The boundary wire carries the radio signal around your property and creates two invisible; a warning zone and stimulation zone.

Receiver Collar: Your cat's receiver collar communicates with the FM radio signal emitted from the wire. When you cat enters the warning zone, the collar will deliver an audible warning tone. If your cat ignores the warning tone and proceeds towards the boundary, the collar will deliver a safe static stimulation to remind your cat  to retreat back into the 'safe zone'.

The End Result: With consistent training, your cat will learn their boundaries and freely roam around their areas without testing the system.

Video: How a Dog/Cat Containment Fence Works


Safelink® FM DM Digital Signal – Patented and EXCLUSIVE

Hidden Fence containment fence systems are the only system to run its patented and exlusive FM signal making it the most reliable in the world.

5 Training and Stimulation levels

Hidden cat fence R12M receiver collars deliver everything from 1.5 kv to 4.5 kv at multiple pulse rates. The receiver collar has low enough corrections for timid cats and higher corrections for large, stubborn cats; Hidden Fence receivers are engineered to offer the most flexibility on the market for SAFELY containing your pet.

Individually Programmable Collars

Hidden Fence receivers are fully programmable. You can have an unlimited number of fence collars on a hidden fence system…all programmed individually!!

FastReact® – Patented and EXCLUSIVE

FastReact® is Digital software that calculates the cat's speed at the signal entry point. If the software recognises that the cat is attempting to “break out”, the software quickly responds and imparts the correction within 1/8th of a second. The fastest reaction time of ANY system.

Wire Break Indicator

The CatWatch transmitter features a wire break indicator that lets you know if there is a break in the wire.

Large Property Applications

Included with your purchase is 150m of wire. The DIY CatWatch fence can cover a few metres up to to 2 acres. Call 1300 668 931 for larger applications.

6-Month Battery Life – User Replaceable

Hidden Fence cat fence collars are engineered to be the industry leader in efficiency and reliability. Our receiver collars maximise battery life by using specially designed software unlike other brands which use proprietary batteries which need to be replaced as early as 30 days. Hidden fence receivers lead the industry globally in this area.

Industrial Grade Components

All CatWatch Hidden Fence products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications, from gold plated battery contacts, to lead-free soldering.

Approved and Compliant to Australian Communication Authority

EMC Emissions: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE

3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty

The 3-Year Warranty covers any manufacturing faults on electronic components.

ECMA and PETT Compliant

What We Like

-  The most advanced electronic cat fence in the world
-  Keeps pets safely contained for peace of mind 24/7.
-  Add an unlimited number of cats to the system
-  Fits cats above 2kg
-  Covers up to 2 acres with additional wire. Please call if you need to cover more than 2 acres.
-  Highest-quality UV stabilited wire
-  Patented Safeline FM digital radio signal
-  No interference from sheet metal or Colorbond
-  Safe for wildlife, kids and adults to touch the wire
-  Easy DIY installation. Step by step instructions included

Suitable Breeds

The CatWatch Hidden Fence is suitable for cats above 2kg. The collar strap is adjustable to fit small to large cats.


-  R12m Receiver Collar Module

       *  Length: 46mm
       *  Width: 29mm
       *  Height: 20mm
       *  Weight: 60g

-  Receiver Collar Strap

       *  Length: 25.5cm
       *  Material: Elastic
       *  Buckle Type: Metal
       *  Colour: Selected at random
       *  Completely adjustable

-  Transmitter Dimensions

       *  Diametre: 11cm
       *  Height: 2cm
       *  Weight: 115g

-  Boundary Wire

       *  150m Spool
       *  Multistrand .75mm Cooper Core
       *  .30mm Polyethylene Coating
       *  UV Protected

Things to Consider

-  There's not much to consider when it comes to the CatWatch Hidden Fence.
-  If you need to cover more than 2 acres, call us on 1300 668 931.
-  The system includes 150m of wire. If you need to extend the boundary, you will need additional boundary kits.
-  To add additional cats or other pets to the system, you will need additional DogWatch Hidden Fence Receiver Collars.

What's in the Box

-  1 x CatWatch Hidden Fence Transmitter
-  1 x 150m Spool of UV Stabilitsed Boundary Wire
-  1 x R12m Receiver Collar
-  1 x Nylon Strap
-  1 x Set of Contact Probes
-  1 x 3.0 Volt Battery
-  1 x Australian Power Adaptor for Transmitter
-  50 x Outdoor Training Flags
-  4 x Indoor Training Flags
-  4 x Indoor Flag Holders
-  1 x CatWatch Operating Instructions Manual