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1 x Dirty Dog Grooming Mitt

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Save $2.00 ( 8% )
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Take your Pet anywhere, But Not The Mess!

The Dirty Dog Grooming Mitt magically soaks up water, and removes dirt so the mess stays on the mitt...keeping your car or house clean and dry!

Ultra-Plush Super Absorbent Microfiber material absorbs up to 10x its weight in water and dirt
Rubber Nubs untangles fur and removes excess hair in hard to reach areas
-  Super soft and velvety
-  Mitt Dries 8x faster than an ordinary cotton towel and traps water instantly
-  Great for dogs with short and long hair
-  Can be used for cats
-  One size fits all
-  Machine Washable

What's In The Box

-  1x Dirty Dog Grooming Mitt