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1 x Dogtra EDGE Remote Dog Training System

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Dogtra EDGE Remote Training System

Designed for the most demanding working conditions, the Dogtra EDGE is a robust, reliable training tool trusted by Australian hunters, farmers, dog trainers, and canine professionals. Key features include; 1600m range (line-of-sight), expandability up to 4 dogs, fully waterproof transmitter & receiver collar, and rapid charge batteries. Due to the collar size, this system is recommended for dogs above 15kg. The Dogtra EDGE's customisability, and durability, combined with its ease of use is perfect for canine professionals in all fields.

If you need an elite multiple-dog trainer that will survive the harshest of conditions and provides value for money, look no further than the Dogtra EDGE.

How the Dogtra EDGE Remote Training System Works

There are two main components to the Dogtra EDGE Remote Training Collar; The remote transmitter, and your dog's receiver collar. When you press a stimulation button on your remote, your dog's receiver collar delivers the selected stimulation through the contact probes. With consistent training and use, your dog will learn to associate the correction with a specific behaviour or command.

Remote Transmitter

There are four buttons on the face of the remote transmitter; Black, orange, green, and blue. Each button delivers the selected correction to the paired collar. To prevent confusion, the additional collar strap colours match the colour of the button on the transmitter. (Dog 1 wears a black collar, Dog 2 wears an orange collar, Dog 3 wears a green collar and Dog 4 wears a blue collar.)

The transmitter is fully waterproof and rechargeable (2-hour fast charge).

The Dogtra EDGE has 127 Levels of static stimulation which can be delivered as a continuous stimulation or nick/momentary stimulation. Additionally, the Dogtra Edge offers a non-stimulating vibration pager.

One-handed operation is made easy with the transmitter's tubular shape contoured to fit your hand. Combine this with its smooth and precise rheostat dial, and the long-range remote trainer is seamless.

The Dogtra EDGE transmitter features an LCD display screen with its backlight changing colour to the corresponding button colour pressed. A customizable stimulation dial means choosing an intensity level is even easier with the choice between the 127 level rheostat level dial or the 8 preset level dial. The Edge offers continuous & nick stimulation, non-stimulating vibration (pager) & the new light function.

Receiver Collar

The Dogtra EDGE receiver collar fits dogs above 15kg. 

The receiver collar is fully waterproof, submersible and rechargeable (2-hour fast charge). The contact probes are suitable for short haired dogs and can be extended to suit long haired or thick coated dogs. The collar features a tri-colour LED battery indicator, an internal antenna and a molded case designed to withstand demanding working environments.

The high-intensity LED location lights on the collar module allow you to see your dog in dark or low light environments. You can change the LED light on the receiver collar to match your dog's receiver collar strap (choose form white, orange, green or blue).

Suitable Breeds for the Dogtra Edge Remote Training Collar

Due to the size of the collar module, we recommend this training collar for dogs above 15kg. The receiver collar is adjustable from a very low level to a very high level to match your dog's drive. We recommend this system for dogs with a mild to stubborn temperament.

-  Bull Arab
-  Bull Terrier
-  Belgian Malinois
-  Cattle Dog 
-  Dobermann

-  German Shepherd
-  Mastiff
-  Maremma
-  Rottweiler
- Wolfhound

Features of the Dogtra EDGE Remote Trainer

Fits Dogs Above 15kg

Due to the size of the collar module, the Dogtra EDGE is suitable for dogs above 15kg.

Expandable up to 4 Dogs - With Matching Receiver Collars

Expand your Dogtra system up to 4 dogs with matching receiver collars. One collar included with purchase.

1600m Range (line-of-sight)

The Dogtra EDGE Remote Training Collar has a maximum range of 1600m (line-of-sight). Great for long-range training. Also great for short-range training and mid-range training.

127 Static Stimulation Levels

With 127 levels of static stimulation, you can fine-tune your dog's collar to a level that matches their drive. The stimulation level ranges from a very low level for mild temperament dogs to a very high level for stubborn dogs.

Quick-select dial - 8 Levels

The quick select dial is an additional dial that has 8 preset levels. These preset levels allow you to quickly jump between multiple levels at a time. The quick select dial is perfect for fast-paced working and training environments.

Interchangeable dial - Rheostat/Selector

Swap between a smooth turning dial and step selector dial.

2-Hour rapid charge batteries

Fast charge rechargeable batteries

Belt clip

Secure your transmitter to your belt with the Dogtra EDGE belt clip.

Adjustable probes

Adjustable probes to fit all dogs. Use the short probes on dogs with short/medium length fur. Extend them for dogs with long fur.

Fully waterproof

Fully waterproof transmitter and receiver collar.

Note: If your dog goes in salt water, rinse the receiver collar and charging port with clean water.

Nick, constant, pager

The nick stimulation button delivers a quick (1/2 second) static stimulation regardless of how long the button is pressed down for.

The constant stimualtion button delivers a continuous static stimulation for the length of time you press the button. (For up to 12 seconds)

The pager button delivers a non-stimulating vibration for the length of time you press the button. (For up to 12 seconds)

High Performance Pager

LCD Screen

The LCD screen on your transmitter displays the icon for rheostat or step correction levels. 

What's in the Box

-  1 x Dogtra Edge Transmitter 
-  1 x Dogtra Edge Collar (Black)
-  1 x Charger
-  1 x Owner's Manual
-  1 x Interchangeable Intensity Dial
-  1 x Test Light
-  1 x Contact Probe Adjustment Tool
-  2 x Contact Probe Extensions
-  1 x Transmitter Metal Belt Clip
-  1 x Transmitter Lanyard
-  1 x Heavy Duty Hard Plastic Carry Case