DogWatch Hidden Fence - SmartFence PT5


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  • Fits dogs above 5kg
  • Combines the #1 electric dog fence with smart fence abilities
  • Monitor your dog's activity
  • Receive alerts on your mobile or desktop device if there is a break in the wire or when the collar battery is low

Suitable for small, medium, large and stubborn dogs




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DogWatch Hidden Fence - SmartFence PT5

The DogWatch SmartFence PT5 is the most advanced and reliable containment fence system designed by the industry leaders in dog containment. The PT5 combines the features of a standard dog containment fence system with a patented SmartFence Portal that updates you with alerts about your fence system and your dogs.

Keeping Pets Within Boundaries

The DogWatch containment fence system keeps pets within set boundaries by delivering a safe static stimulation through your pet's collar when they too close to the boundary.

The SmartFence PT5 comes with 150m of wire which is enough to cover up to 1/4 of an acre. With additional boundary kits, the fence system is capable of covering up to 200 acres. The fence is suitable for dogs of all sizes and you can contain an unlimited number of pets providing they are wearing compatible receiver collars.



The boundary wire can be attached to any existing fencing, buried in the ground or pegged to the ground surface (be careful not to mow over it). The boundary is entirely customisable and you can create zones around your property, gardens, pools, lakes, verandahs, fence lines and more.

SmartFence Portal Information

Through WiFi connection, the SmartFence Portal receives information about your fence transmitter, your fence wire and your pet's receiver collar.

This information is sent to the SmartFence App for you to access via your phone, tablet or desktop. You will instantly receive a text or email for any critical alerts such as; battery replacements in your dog's receiver collar, breaks in the wire, or power outages. The SmartFence PT5 provides you with information at your fingertips for extra peace of mind.

Please note: For the SmartFence feature to work, the SmartFence Portal will need direct access to an internet/WiFi router. You will receive an ethernet cable with your purchase.


Colorbond Fencing

If you have Colorbond fencing or sheet metal on your property, we only recommend installing a DogWatch fence system. DogWatch is the only fence brand that emits an FM signal from the wire. FM signals are not affected by any forms of sheet metal, electrified wire and stray radio signals.

Other fence brands emit an AM signal from the wire that may be warped by sheet metal, electrified wire and stray radio signals. Warped radio signals can result in your dog receiving inconsistent stimulations even when they're not near the boundary.


How Does A Containment Fence Work?


Fence Transmitter: The transmitter sits in your house or garage and plugged into mains power. The transmitter continuously emits an FM radio signal through the boundary wire.

Boundary Wire & Stimulation Zones: The boundary wire carries the FM signal around your desired layout area. This FM signal is emitted from the wire creating two invisible zones; the warning zone and the stimulation zone.

Receiver Collar: The receiver collar is worn on your dog's neck and communicates with the FM radio signal emitted from the wire. The collar has 7 levels of static stimulation and tone-only. The levels of stimulation range from very low to very high and are manually adjusted by you.

How it Works: When your dog approaches the wire and walks into the warning zone, your dog's receiver collar delivers an audible beep to let them know that they're in the warning zone. If they ignore the warning tone and continue towards the boundary wire into the stimulation zone, your dog's receiver collar delivers a safe static stimulation through the contact probes to remind them to retreat into the 'safe zone'.

The End Result: With consistent training, your dog will understand the boundary without testing the system.


SmartFence Function

The SmartFence Communication Portal collects information from your Fence Transmitter and your dog's receiver collar. This information is sent to the SmartFence WebApp - Accessible via desktop or mobile devices. The SmartFence feature works independently from the fence which means if your internet drops out, the containment fence will still keep your dogs within your property.

The SmartFence Portal monitors the condition of your containment fence, and monitors your pet's daily, weekly and monthly activity levels.

  1. The SmartFence Transmitter sends information to the SmartFence Communication Portal. - Updates every 2 minutes
  2. The SmartFence Receiver Collars send information to the SmartFence Communication Portal - Updates every hour
  3. The SmartFence Communication Portal sends information and notifications to desktop and mobile devices
  4. The SmartFence WebApp information is accessible on desktop and mobile devices


SmartFence Notification Alert Options

Notification Option Description
Battery Status Sends an alert when it's time to replace the SmartCollar battery. A notification will appear on the WebApp and will disappear when the battery replaced.
Boundary Loop Sends an alert if the Boundary wire is disconnected or broken. You will also hear an alarm coming from the transmitter. A notification will appear on the WebApp. The notification will disappear after the boundary wire is repaired. (May take up to 2 minutes to reset).
No Collar Connection Sends an alert if your SmartCollar does not connect with the SmartFence Portal for more than 10 hours. This could be caused by a flat battery, receiver damage (e.g dog chew) or the collar being out of range of the Portal. A notification will appear on the WebApp. The notification will disappear after the SmartCollar has reconnected to the Portal. (May take up to 1 hour to reset.)
Transmitter Running on Battery Back-up (PowerPak) Sends an alert if the power goes out and the PowerPak (optional) is used to power the Transmitter for more than 2 minutes. A notification will appear on the WebApp. It will disappear when the transmitter is reconnected to power. (May take up to 2 minutes to reset.)
No Transmitter Connection An alert is sent if the Portal loses its connection with the transmitter for more than 1 hour. This could be triggered by a loss of power, lightning damage or surge damage. A notification will appear on the WebApp and will disappear when the transmitter signal reconnects to the Portal. May take up to 2 minutes to reset.)


SmartFence General Information

General Information Description
Pet(s) Profile Create a profile for your pet. Include your pet's SmartCollar ID, Breed, Gender, Size, and Date of Birth.
Contacts Add contacts who you want to receiver system information via text message and/or email. You can add multiple contacts, such as family members or dog walkers. You can choose which alerts you want them to receive
Activity Levels Monitor your pet’s daily, weekly and monthly activity levels. Find out if your dog has been active, moderately active, lightly active or resting. 
System Settings Monitor your system settings.
Collar: Training Level, Frequency
Transmitter: Training Mode, Rate, Frequency and Range

DogWatch SmartFence Manual - Full DogWatch Hidden Fence SmartFence Installation & Operation Guide


More Information

Features of the DogWatch Hidden Fence -SmartFence PT5


System Alert


Activity Monitor


Pet Profile



The Best Dog Containment Fence System In The World

Includes the highest quality UV stabilised wire. Emits an FM signal which protects the signal from interference from external sources such as Colorbond fencing and other sheet metal. Optional surge protection included.

Customisable Boundary - Up to 200 acres

The DogWatch SmartFence PT5 covers up to 200 acres with additional boundary kits. No other brand of electric dog fencing comes close to covering the same amount of area.

Receiver Collar: 7 Stimulation Levels & Tone only

The SmartFence receiver collar features 7 levels of static stimulation and a tone only stimulation. The collar's level is manually adjusted by you. The stimulation levels range from a very low static stimulation level (level 1) to a very high stimulation level (level 7). This collar is suitable for dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Safety Cut-Off

If your dog gets stuck in the stimulation zone, the collar will automatically shut off after 15 seconds.

FastReact® - Patented and Exclusive

If your dog attempts to 'break out' of the yard, the FastReact® Digital software will calculate the dog's speed at the signal entry point and deliver a static correction within 1/8th of a second to keep your dog in your dog in the yard. The FactReact® software delivers the fastest reaction time of any containment fence system.

SmartFence App - Patented and Exclusive

The SmartFence system is a DogWatch-exclusive feature that sends you notifications via phone and/or email with updates relating to your system settings and your dog's activity.

Safelink FM Digital Radio Signal - Patented and exclusive

DogWatch is the only brand that sends an FM radio signal through the wire. FM radio signals are not affected by stray radio signals and Colorbond fencing/sheet metals. If you have any form of sheet metals on your property, DogWatch fencing systems are the only recommendation for your property. Other containment fence brands emit an AM signal through the wire. AM signals are affected and warped by sheet metal material. Warped radio signals may cause your pet's receiver collar to deliver inconsistent corrections even if they aren't near the boundary.

Internal/External Surge and Lightning Protection - Exclusive

Included with your DogWatch SmartFence purchase is the best possible protection from surges and lightning strikes.

1-Year Battery life - User Replaceable

Using specially designed software, DogWatch receiver collars have a 1-year battery life.

Industrial Grade Components

DogWatch containment fence systems are manufactured with industrial-grade components.

Approved and Compliant to the Australian Communication Authority

EMC Emissions: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE

5-Year Warranty on PT5 Transmitter & Receiver Collar

The warranty covers any manufacturing faults, damage caused by lightning strikes (provided your surge protector has been installed properly) and the Receiver Collar warranty even includes dog chews.

Fence Works Independently

The containment fence function of the DogWatch Hidden Fence works independently. It does not rely on the SmartFence feature to keep your dogs safely contained. The containment fence WILL continue to work if:

  • The Portal or the Internet is turned off or loses power
  • The SmartFence Collar goes out of the communication range of the Portal.
The Wire Is Safe To Touch
The boundary wire is not electrified which means it's completely safe for humans and wildlife to touch.
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Suitable Breeds

Due to the size of the collar module, we recommend this fencing system for dogs above 5kg. The collar levels are adjustable from a very low level to a very high level for timid to stubborn dogs. Suitable breeds include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Beagle
  • Border Collie
  • Cattle Dog
  • Cavalier King Charles
  • Dachshund
  • Dobermann
  • English Mastiff
  • French Bulldog
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Great Dane
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Labrador
  • Rottweiler
  • Samoyed
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • St Bernard
  • Whippet


Is your dog under 5kg?

DogWatch has smaller collar module sizes available for dogs under 5kg. These smaller collar module sizes are compatible with the fencing system function however they do not feature the SmartFence System compatibility. The smaller collar modules are available in standard and premium models.


More Information


  • Receiver Collar Module Dimensions
    • Length - 60mm
    • Width - 23mm
    • Height - 37mm
    • Weight - 36g
    • Case material - Fibreglass infused-PolyCarbonate construction
  • Transmitter Dimensions
    • Length - 16cm
    • Width - 2.9cm
    • Height - 10.8cm
  • SmartFence Portal Dimensions
    • Length - 13.5cm
    • Width - 2.8cm
    • Height - 11.4cm
  • Boundary Wire
    • 150m Spool
    • Multistrand .75mm Copper Core
    • .30mm Polyethylene Coating
    • UV Protected
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Things to Consider

  • If you need to cover over 15 acres, please call us on 1300 668 931.
  • The system comes with 150m of wire. If you need to extend your dog's boundary area, you will need to add additional boundary kits to your order.
  • The collar module included with the system fits dogs above 5kg. If your dog is under 5kg, you will need to consider one of Hidden Fence's smaller receiver collars designed for tiny dogs. Please note: these smaller collar modules are only compatible with the Hidden Fence containment function, they are not compatible with the SmartFence features.
  • The SmartFence Portal Transmitter needs access to an internet router for the SmartFence function/updates to work.
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What's in the Box

  • 1 x DogWatch SmartFence PT5 Transmitter
  • 1 x 150m Roll of Wire
  • 50 x Training Flags 
  • 1 x SmartFence Portal
  • 1 x Smart Fence Receiver Collar
  • 1 x Set of Medium Contact Probes
  • 1 x 3.6V Battery (for receiver collar)
  • 1 x Nylon Collar
  • 1 x 15V Power Adaptor (for transmitter)
  • 1 x 5V Power Adaptor (for portal)
  • 1 x Ethernet Cord
  • 1 x Surge Protector
  • 1 x Multi-Tool
  • 1 x Quick Installation Guide
  • Please note: Orders with over 300m of wire may arrive with a combination of 150m and 300m spools of wire.
More Information

5-Year Warranty on Transmitter

1-Year Warranty on Portal and optional PowerPak

5-year warranty on Receiver Collar


*Please click here for full guarantee terms and conditions

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