Drinkwell Fountain Cleaning Kit

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  • 3-piece brush kit
  • Cleaning the fountain regularly prolongs the life of the product
  • Recommend cleaning the fountain every 2 weeks with soapy water
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3 Piece Fountain Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your fountain regularly prolongs the life the product and ensures that your fountain continues to function effectively. Drinkwell's cleaning kit comes with bristled 3 brushes specifically designed to make cleaning quick and convenient. A basic cleaning recommendation is to wash the interior of the fountain with soapy water every 2 weeks. For a more detailed clean, the tiny brush has small bristles - designed to clean small nooks and crannies such as the pump and filter hosing without damaging the parts. For general cleaning, the medium brush will remove dirt from just about anywhere, and the large brush has a soft sponge on the top for cleaning large parts of the fountain with ease, while the bristles on the side remove unwanted debris.

* Ensure fountain is unplugged before cleaning *


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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Large brush (with soft sponge and large bristles)
  • 1 x Medium bristle brush
  • 1 x Tiny bristle brush