FURminator Hair Collection Tool

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  • Quickly collects pet hair for easy clean-up
  • Reusable – effective and lasts longer than a sticky roller
  • Convenient daily solution for pet hair disposal
  • Removes pet hair from clothing, furniture and fabrics
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FURminator Hair Collection Tool

The FURminator Hair Collection Tool is used for collecting and discarding your pet's hair, offering a full set of "in-home" hair collection tools.

This product can be used at any time to reduce pet hair on your home surfaces or clothing. It creates a quick and easy way to collect and discard pet hair. takes less than a minute to use, this tool is non-adhesive, making it fully reusable.

The FURminator Hair Collection Tool works on flat surfaces, including furniture, bedding, carpets, car seats and clothing. It works on most hair types, long, shirt, thick or fine, great for all pets that shed. You can use the Hair Collection Tool as often as you need to. Great for cleaning up after grooming or deShedding your pet or activities that may produce large amounts of loose hair.


Hair Collection Tool

Quickly collects pet hair for easy clean-up

Hair Collection Chamber

Catches and traps pet hair

Ergonomic Nonslip Handle

For maximum control

Discard Hair Collection Tool Wheel

Removes embedded pet hair from clothing, furniture and fabrics

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What's In The Box

  • 1x FURminator Hair Collection Tool
  • 1x Instruction Manual 
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