Julius K9 IDC Powair Harness

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  • Designed for 100% airflow
  • The most breathable Julius K9 harness ever created
  • Perfect for summer days and high intensity activities

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Julius K9 IDC Powair Harness

Just like the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness - Only Lighter, More Breathable and Cooler

The IDC® Powair summer harness is one of JULIUS-K9®'s unique harness range. The Powair is designed to be lighter and more breathable that helps dogs keep cool in the hot Australian weather. The harness is flexible yet maintains its strength where it matters the most - in the buckles and lead-ring. The harness features special mesh fabric that ventilates extremely well and provides a comfortable fit for your dog on the warmest days of the summer. Thanks to its material it is very light, while still maintaining high durability.

Keep your Dog Cool

An amazing feature of this harness is that sizes Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL) and Extra Extra Large (2XL) feature a water retaining liner that acts like a cooling vest - retaining the cool while evaporating warm air. Quick drying.

In its technical terms, Superlight Aquifier Padding.






More Information

Julius K9 Powair Features


Distributes pressure on your dog's chest instead of their neck.


Easy to put on and remove


Skin-friendly, OEKO-TEX® certified lining


High-visibility reflective elements


3D-textile layers for 100% airflow


Heavy-duty handles for close control


Made in the EU using German materials


20+ years of innovation







Suitable Sizes For Puppies

The IDC® Powair is the perfect choice for your puppy's first harness thanks to its lightweight and breathable material. The smaller harness sizes have been designed not to be restrictive and provides you with maximum leash control.

Suitable puppy sizes include: 3XS, 2XS, XS, Small (S)

It's important to get the perfect fitted harness, so make sure to measure puppy’s chest circumference correctly.




Guaranteed Quality

Here at Julius-K9® we're proud of our products and every one of our dog harnesses are thoroughly tested to ensure they are extremely durable. That's why we are the trusted brand of professional dog handlers, trainers, and pet owners alike all across Europe.


Similar to the IDC®Powerharness, we have optimized the IDC®Powair for the power directed at the dog. It's chest strap is parallel to the leash in your hand; therefore, it can transmit the power arriving from you in the most efficient manner. This means that you can hold back or stop your dog when you need to with less effort. The wide chest strap and the optional chest pad help distribute the power over the chest for the proper comfort of your pet.



More Information

Julius K9 IDC Powair Harness Sizing Chart

A well fitting harness is important for your dog's safety and comfort. For a full sizing chart and information on how to measure your dog for a correct fit, please view the dog harness measuring guide below.

Design Note: Due to size restrictions on smaller IDC® Powair harnesses 3XS, 2XS the water-retaining lining and control handle are not included.

Powair Harness Size Chest Girth Dog Weight
3XS 29 - 36cm 0.8 - 3kg
2XS 33 - 45cm 2 - 5kg
XS 40 - 53cm 4 - 7kg
S 49 - 67cm 7 - 15kg
M 58 - 76cm 14 - 25kg
L 63 - 85cm 23 - 30kg
XL 71 - 96cm 28 - 40kg
2XL 82 - 115cm 40 - 70kg


Fitting the Harness on your Dog

It is important to ensure that the chest strap and lower strap are adjusted correctly.Improper fittingmay cause discomfort or injury.

If the harness straps are too tight, the buckle rubs against the dog's skin around the armpit area, which may lead to chafing. If the harness straps are too loose, there may be enough room for your dog to shuffle out of the harness.

Correct Fitting

When the lower chest strap is adjusted correctly, you should be able fit your fingers between the harness and your dogs back. A properly fitted harness will keep you in control, ensuring no unnecessary pressure is applied to other parts of your dog's body