Julius K9 IDC Tubular Webbing Leash

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The Julius K9 IDC Tubular Webbing Leash clips to your dog's collar or harness and keeps you. Use the leash during everyday walks, training, agility, competitions and more. The Webbing Leash is available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your pet.

Suitable for tiny, small, medium and large dogs

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Julius K9 IDC Webbing Leash

This Julius K9 IDC Webbing Leash with handle with its smooth finish provides the dog owner with a comfortable, yet sturdy leash.

Due to its durability, the IDC webbing leash is ideal for everyday use and sporting activities alike.  This heavy-duty design along with the smooth finish makes it feel both strong and comfortable.

In addition to this, fluorescent / reflective lines in the IDC webbing leash help increase visibility when out walking your dog in low light situations. 

Dog owners the world over have found the Julius K9 IDC webbing leash to a practical, durable and comfortable dog leash. 

You have the choice of colour and there are a number of compatible items, like the IDC webbing twin leash, for walking two dogs on the one dog lead.


  • Great for everyday walks, training, agility and more!
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Strong and durable
  • Reflective/fluorescent stitching 
  • Available in a number of colours and sizes

Julius K9 IDC Tubular Webbing Leash

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Sizing Chart

Our Julius K9 IDC Tubular Webbing Leashes are available in a range of sizes. To determine the best leash size for your dog, refer to the sizing chart below.

Webbing Leash Width For dog sizes
14mm Tiny and small dogs
19mm Small and medium dogs
25mm Medium and large dogs
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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Julius K9 Webbing Leash with Handle