Julius K9 Lumino Collar

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The Julius K9 Lumino Collar glows in the dark for increased visibility during low-light hours! The collar is made of strong, high-quality materials designed to last and remain gentle on your dog's skin. Suitable for pet dogs and working dogs.

Suitable for small, medium and large dogs

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Julius K9 Lumino Collar

The Julius K9 Lumino Collar is a terrific all-purpose dog collar that features phosphorescent material allowing the collar to glow during low-light hours. The collar is ideal for small to large dogs and is suitable for training, competitions, walking, jogging and more! The Lumino Collar will only emit light after exposure to natural or artificial light.

The outer layer of the collar is made from a silicon-like phosphorescent material while the inner layer of the collar is made from soft leather that remains gentle on your dog's skin. For matching gear, feel free to check out the Julius K9 Lumino Lead and the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness!

The Lumino Collar is available in 4 sizes. Select size above. Please ensure to measure your dog before purchase.

Sizing Chart

Before purchasing the Julius K9 Lumino Collar, please ensure to measure the circumference of your dog's neck and select the corresponding collar size to fit. Sizing guide below. All collars are 25mm thick.

Lumino Collar Length Neck Circumference Length
45cm 30cm - 40cm
50cm 35cm - 45cm
60cm 45cm - 55cm
70cm 55cm - 65cm



  • Fantastic all purpose collar that glows in the dark during low light hours
  • Designed to be comfortable on your dog's neck during activities
  • Made with silicon-like phosphorescent material
  • Features a soft leather inner layer
  • Great for pet dogs and working dogs
  • Suitable for small to large dogs


What's in the Box

  • 1 x Julius K9 Lumino Collar - Select size from drop down menu above


Julius K9 Lumino Collar

Julius K9 Lumino - Check Out That Glow!

Julius K9 Lumino Dog Leash & Collar