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1 x Julius K9 Lumino Leash Range

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Julius K9 Lumino Leash Range - 1.2m Length

The Julius K9 Lumino Leads are extremely durable, glow-in-the-dark leads suitable for all activities. Use this lead for everyday walks, training, events and even on working dogs such as tracking dogs and guide dogs. The lead's centre strip glows in the dark for up to 40 minutes after exposure to a natural or artificial light source - this feature provides you with additional visibility in low light hours.

It's made from polyester and is coated with a waterproof, silicone-like material that prevents slipping between the fingers (even in wet weather). Available in 4 great colours (black, blue, pink and red). The lead is 1.2m long and is tensile tested up to 130kg.

Julius K9 Lumino Leash Video

Julius K9 Lumino Leash - CHECK OUT THAT GLOW!


-  Glows in the dark for up to 40 minutes after exposure to light
-  Available in 5 colours
-  Tensile tested up to 130kg
-  Suitable for pet dogs and working dogs
-  Made of a silicon-like material to reduce slipping between your fingers
-  Resistant to damage from rocks, dirt, rain and other elements

What's in the Box

-  1 x Julius K9 1.2m Lumino Leash - Select colour from above