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Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness

The Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness has been redesigned with added functionalities and innovative style for mantrailing associations and rescue dogs.

Styled to be easier to use for the handler and more comfortable for dogs, the Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness has been perfected to meet the needs of working/rescue dogs and their handlers, especially during search work and active movements outdoors where the dog can pull. 

The Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness now features:

-  Patented Elastic Leash Connector to dampen sudden tugs, plus, jolts and stopping.
-  New Narrower and Ergonomically chest pad to better fit the dog.
-  Reflective Fibers on the neck-straps, for safety in low lit places.

It is easier to use, comfortable, innovative, and efficient.

The Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness has three main components that help adapt to the dog's movements: the neck elements, back element, and chest pad. With the harnesses buckles adjusting and fastening the staps have been made easier for handlers to not only put on but take off the harness. The harness can be adjusted at five different points, which makes its design unique as the harness can be completely tailored to the dog's body.

The Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness is available in 4 sizes and 2 colours. Check in the Size Chart for which size will suit your dog best.

Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness Features

High-visibility reflective elements.


New, more ergonomic chest padding.


Easy to put on and take off.



Customisable with interchangeable hook-and-loop patches.

Developed together with mantrailing professionals.

Made in the EU using German materials.

Continuous load testing and innovation.

20+ years of experience in dog harness development.

Sizing Chart






Neck Circumference

28 - 40 cm

36 - 46 cm

40 - 52 cm

50 - 70 cm

Chest Circumference

44 - 60 cm

50 - 71 cm

63 - 85 cm

70 - 96 cm


7 - 12 kg

10 -20 kg

18 - 32 kg

30 - 50 kg

* The size choice also depends on the dog’s build: size L may be good for longer dogs of size M in terms of weight and chest circumference.

Things to Consider

-  Be sure to adjust the straps of the harness. When moving backwards, the dog can get out of the harness

-  If worried that dog will get beside or behind the handler, fasten the leash to the collar or fasten a carabiner to both front and back leash rings of the harness.

-  The harness is not suitable for lifting the dog

What's in the Box

-  1x Julius K9 Mantrailing Harness