K9 Cruiser Travel Water Bowl

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  • Keep your dog healthy and hydrated - bowl holds 2.5 litres of water
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Practical non-spill design
  • UV resistant, food-grade plastic

Suitable for small, medium and large dogs

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K9 Cruiser Bowl

If your dog travels with you in the car or ute or just likes to dig the water out of their water bowl at home, the Cruiser Bowl non-spill water bowl is the solution!  A practical water bowl that allows your pets to stay hydrated, while virtually eliminating the risk of spillage.

The easy to fill, durable spill-proof pet water bowl is designed to hold up to 2.5 litres and keeps a constant 20mm level of water available for drinking. The wide double wall keeps the water clean and stops the water from escaping. The weight of the water bowl when full, keeps the bowl firmly on the ground.  

Base and lid separate for easy refilling and cleaning. The K9 Cruiser Bowl ensures your pet has constant fresh water all day.  Proudly designed and made in Australia!


  • Practical Non-Spill Design
  • Excellent for ute, car & travelling
  • UV resistant food-grade plastic
  • Easy to fill and clean
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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Cruiser Bowl
  • 1 x Instructions
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Option 1: Quick Fill From Tap

Step 1. Leave lid on, fill bowl through central funnel.

Step 2. When filled, tilt bowl at 45 degrees to allow air to escape through funnel. 

Step 3. Very quickly flip bowl back to normal upright position. Water level in funnel should be approx. 20mm in depth.


Option 2: Quick Fill From Hose Pipe

Step 1. Leave lid on. Turn bowl upside down and direct hose up over central funnel to fill sides.

Step 2. Very quickly flip bowl back to normal upright position. Water level in funnel should be approx. 20mm in depth.


Option 3: Easy Fill

Step 1 & 2. Remove lid from the base of the bowl and fill with water. Place lid back on the bowl.

Steps 3 & 4. Secure lid and base together. Very quickly flip bowl upside down and then back to the normal upright position. The water level in the funnel should be approx. 20mm in depth.