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1 x KONG Ultimate Safety Tether

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Save $15.00 ( 18% )
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KONG Ultimate Safety Car Seat Tether

Introducing the KONG Ultimate Safety Car Seat Tether, meticulously crafted to ensure your pet's security during car travels. Functioning akin to a seatbelt, this tether effectively restrains your pet's forward and side-to-side movements. Say goodbye to worries about your furry friend reaching windows or interfering with the driver, and bid farewell to concerns about them slipping into the seat gap.

Utilizing the trusted LATCH/ISOFIX/CanFix 3-point anchor system, originally devised for infant seat security, this tether boasts two anchors at the seat's base and one at the rear.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the tether facilitates effortless control and positioning. Its safety features, coupled with extensive adjustability for various dog sizes, grant you the mastery over your pet's movements that standard seatbelt tethers lack. This car restraint system is engineered to maintain your dog in a centralized position within the seat, curbing side-to-side motion and mitigating the risk of your pet being propelled into the footwell during abrupt braking maneuvers.

  • Uses 3 universal Latch/Isofix anchor points for ultimate safety
  • High quality material for durability
  • Offers control that normal tethers don’t
  • Easily adjustable to suit your vehicle and your dog
  • Ultimate safety
  • Ultimate positioning
  • Ultimate control
  • Ultimate quality