PetSafe Easy Walk Headcollar - Black

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  • Helps control dogs that pull, jump and lunge during walks
  • Great for everyday walking or training
  • Designed with soft yet strong materials for your dog's comfort

Suitable for small, medium and large dogs

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PetSafe Easy Walk Headcollar

The PetSafe Easy Walk Headcollar is designed to help prevent your dog from lunging, pulling and jumping during walks or training. The Headcollar fits around your dog's head and snout and is made with soft yet strong nylon with felt pad lining for your dog's comfort. The Headcollar is designed to steer your dog's head in the right direction and encourage your dog's body to follow. The neck strap is designed to apply pressure to the back of your dog's neck rather than their throat for a strain-free, cough-free walk.

The PetSafe Easy Walk Headcollar is available in 3 sizes, for a sizing guide, please refer to the chart below.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1300 668 931.

PetSafe Easy Walk Range - Video

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  • Helps control pulling, jumping and lunging during walks
  • Nose loop is padded for your dog's comfort
  • Adjustable nose and neck strap
  • Great for walks and training
  • Headcollar provides you with full control while remaining gentle on your dog
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PetSafe Easy Walk Headcollar sizing chart

Headcollar Size Pet Size Nose Loop Adjustments Neck Strap Adjustments
Small 2.3 - 11.4 kg 18 - 38 cm 18 - 23 cm
Medium 11.4 - 27.2 kg 23 - 48 cm 23 - 35 cm
Large 27.2 - 59 kg 30 - 60 cm 25 - 46 cm
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What's in the Box

  • 1 x PetSafe Easy Walk Headcollar
  • 1 x 1.8m Nylon Lead
  • 1 x Training Guide