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1 x PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Spray Trainer - PDT19-16397

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PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Spray Trainer - 300m - PDT19-16397

Using the PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, you can quickly and easily improve the relationship between you and your dog. With the push of a button, you can train your dog out of disobedient behaviours such as digging, destructive chewing, pulling on the lead, jumping up on people, and more. The remote trainer has 3 stimulation settings; spray, tone and vibration. Suitable for dogs above 10kg.

The remote trainer has a 300m range (line-of-sight), is expandable up to 2 dogs and is water-resistant and rechargeable. The new and improved spray cartridges are easy to replace and are mess-free. Included with your purchase is one citronella scented cartridge and one unscented spray cartridge. Each cartridge delivers 30-40 sprays each. The collar features a low spray and low battery indicator. 

Suitable breeds for the PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Spray Trainer

The PetSafe 300m Remote Spray Trainer is recommended for dogs above 10kg with a mild temperament. Suitable breeds include (but are not limited to) the following:

-  Boxer
-  Bulldog
-  Cocker Spaniel
-  Corgi
-  Golden Retriever

-  Greyhound
-  Labrador
-  Poodles (Standard)
-  Schnauzer
-  Whippet

How the PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Spray Trainer Works

There are two main components to the 300m PetSafe Remote Trainer; the handpiece and your dog's receiver collar. When you press a button on your handpiece, your dog's receiver collar will deliver the selected correction. The collar has 3 correction options: Spray, tone and vibration. With consistent training, your dog will associate the correction with a specific command or behaviour.

There are three correction options:

Spray Stimulation

Pressing the spray button on your remote programs the collar to deliver a single spray stimulation to your dog's snout

Tone Stimulation

Pressing the tone button on your remote programs the collar to deliver an audible tone

Tone Stimulation

Pressing the tone button on your remote programs the collar to deliver an audible tone

PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Trainer Video Overview


-  300m Range (Line-of-sight) - The PetSafe remote trainer has a maximum range of 300m. Great for short-range training.
-  Spray stimulation - The light spray stimulation is great for puppies and senior dogs with a timid temperament above 10kg. --  Both spray options (citronella-scented and unscented) are completely safe for your pets. 
-  30-40 sprays per cartridge - Each cartridge delivers 30-40 sprays. Additional cartridges are available in a pack of 3. 
-  Tone stimulation - Delivers an audible tone.
-  Vibration stimulation - Delivers a vibration stimulation.
-  Rechargeable - No ongoing cost of batteries!
-  Water-resistant - Suitable for use in the rain.
-  New & improved refill cartridges - Easy to replace. No mess. Recyclable!
-  Low spray indicator - Indicates when the spray cartridge is low.
-  Low battery indicator - Indicates when the battery needs recharging.
-  Fits dogs above 10kg - Due to the size of the collar module, we only recommend this collar for dogs above 10kg.


Collar Module

          *  Length: 6.3cm
          *  Width: 3.5cm
          *  Height: 3.1cm



Collar Strap

          *  Material: Nylon
          *  Length: 65cm
          *  Width: 2cm

 -  Total Weight - 105g

Remote Transmitter

          *  Length: 11.2cm
          *  Width: 3.8cm
          *  Height: 2.4cm
          *  Weight: 65g


Things to Consider

Working Breed Dogs and Stubborn Dogs

Spray remote trainers are not an effective form of training on working breed dogs and high drive/stubborn dogs. This is because the spray deterrent is not a strong enough correction to control their behaviour. If you have a working dog or stubborn dog, we recommend using a static electric remote training collar. Static electric remote trainers allow you to manually adjust the level of correction to match your dog's drive. View all static electric remote trainers.

What's in the box

-  1 x 300m PetSafe Remote Training Collar - PDT19-163971 x Remote Handpiece
            *  1 x Receiver Collar
            *  1 x Citronella Scented Spray Cartridge
            *  1 x Unscented Spray Cartridge
            *  1 x USB Dual Charging Cable