Poop Bags - Compostable - 4 Rolls (60 bags)

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  • Compostable poop bags
  • Bags made from plant material
  • 4 x Rolls (15 bags in each roll)
  • 60 Bags in total
  • Cardboard packaging made with recycled materials
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Poop Bags - Compostable - 4 Rolls (60 Bags)

These poop bags are made from plant matter such as corn, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers, making them 100% compostable through its OK Compost Home and OK Compost Commercial certifications. These bags turn into carbon dioxide and water at the end of their life cycle.

A portion of sales supports the Jane Goodall Institute for their efforts in a greener, healthier, and more sustainable environment. 

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What's in the Box

  • 4 x Compostable Poop Bag Rolls (60 bags in total)