Dog Containment

Is there an Electric Dog Fence that can also be used for cats?

Q.  I'm looking at purchasing an electric dog fence system.  Is there one that works with cats, or do I need to purchase a separate system?  Also, can I adjust the strength of the fence to suit different sized dogs?

A.  There are certainly a couple of fences that can be used for cats, the best being the DogWatch Hidden Fence

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What fence should I use with my Siberian Husky?

Q.  I have a Siberian Husky and was wondering if the Innotek Basic Dog Fencing System would stop him from getting out?

A.  Thanks for your inquiry.  As a rule, we would not recommend that system for an adult Husky.

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How deep does the Dog Containment wire need to be buried?

Q.  Could you please tell me how deep the wire for a dog containment fence needs to be buried? Are there anything else I need to be aware of when installing the boundary wire? Thank you

A.  The containment wire does not have to be buried, it can be attached to existing fencing*.  However, if you want to bury the wire, you will need to ensure that it is below the grass line.  Generally a few cms will do the trick.  This also protects the wire from mowers and whipper snippers.

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Can a dog wear a Bark Collar when it already has a Containment System Collar?

Q.  We have an electric dog fence system where the dog wears a collar. If we were to get an electric bark collar would that confuse them?

A.  Whilst it is not desirable to have a dog wearing multiple collars it is sometimes unavoidable if both escaping and barking are issues you need to fix.

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Which fence is best for a wandering Labrador on acreage?

Q.  Hi, I am looking at an electric dog containment system for our wandering Labrador.  We are on 40 acres, but I am looking to fence her in an area of about 4 acres, a boundary fencing area of just under 500metres.  We need a system with a waterproof collar as she loves to get into the dam and horse water troughs regularly.  Can you advise what you think would be the best cost effective system that you have is.

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