What is it?

HoundHouse Original Canvas Kennel - Replacement Mat

Designed with marine quality scratch resistant canvas and a thick foam core for maximum comfort, the HoundHouse replacement mat is the perfect indoor or outdoor mat for your dog. The replacement mat's material is heavy duty, waterproof, breathable and is available in 4 sizes designed specifically to fit the corresponding HoundHouse Kennel sizes. Although the mats are designed to fit HoundHouse Kennels, the mats can be used with any suitable dog bed.

Please measure your dog before purchasing the HoundHouse Replacement Mat.


Measure your dog from head to tail when lying down and choose the mat size that is bigger than your dog.

Small:  50cm x 41cm
Medium: 58cm x 56cm
Large: 80cm x 70cm
Extra Large: 100cm x 78cm


What we like

  • Fully padded to provide extra comfort for your dog
  • Scratch resistant, water proof & breathable
  • Suits other dog bed designs
  • Durable canvas material
  • Four sizes available

1 x HoundHouse Original Canvas Kennel Replacement Mat