Neil's Review

"Out top selling collar that will work on all dogs from 5kg, even those with fairly strong temperaments. 6 automatically adjusting levels make it a breeze to use. The thin nylon collar strap makes it especially suited to small to medium dogs."

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!  Biggest selling Bark Collar and still one of the best! Fits most dogs down to 5kg, but its robust action best suits dogs from 10kgs. up to and including giant breeds.  This unit is vibration activated and automatically adjusts its correction stimulus to suit your dog’s barking. It is very fast to act and will usually train your dog to be quiet in 1 to 3 days.

Rental is under $3.00 per day (39.00/fortnight) + $82.49 security deposit (Refunded on return of collar).   At the end of the 14 day rental period you have the option to purchase the unit outright.  Less the rental period costs and your deposit.  What have you got to lose!!


If Purchased after Rental:

  • 3 year warranty