Neil's Review

"The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent is most effective when the barking dog approaches the device.  Like when a dog goes to the side gate to bark at people walking past.  In this case, place the unit on the gate facing back to the dog.  The outdoor bark deterrent can be very effective when set up correctly.  However remember some dogs are not affected by ultrasonic tone."

PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent

# Please note a recent news feature by Channel 9 involving this product has created quite a stir!  Please note this device is not a miracle cure to stop yours or the neighbours dog from barking.  They are quite successful under certain circumstances when set up correctly and when the dog is susceptible to ultrasonic tone.  Also blanket statements by distance education qualified dog trainers, that these devices and bark collars do not work should be totally ignored.  If this news report has created any confusion please call us! 

The unit can be hung up, attached to trees, posts and so on or placed freestanding at a maximum recommended height of up to 1.5 metres. If the unit has to be mounted above 1.5 metres, it should be angled down toward the dog's location so that the speaker faces toward the dog, without intervening physical barriers such as fences (open mesh excepted) between it and the dog.

This unit can be used to reduce barking from your own dogs outdoors or to help control neighbouring dogs that bark in the vicinty of your fence. It looks like a bird house so if it is used for neighbours' dogs, they will not necessarily be aware that it is helping to control their dogs barking. An internal microphone picks up barking from up to 15 metres away and activates the ultrasonic signal. The unpleasant (but inaudible to humans) sound stops when the dog stops barking. The dog associates the unpleasant noise with its barking and reduces its barking to avoid the sound.


  • Note - The PetSafe OutDoor Bark Deterrent is not effective to stop barking in all cases.  Some dogs are more susceptible to ultrasonic tone than others.  A bark collar is the next step if your dog does not adequately respond to this unit.




3 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 3 Year Australian Warranty

14 Day performance Guarantee*

Shop with confidence!  If it does not stop your dog's barking, send it back.
We want to work with you to stop your dog's problem barking.  That's why we offer a 14 day performance guarantee with this product.

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