Aussie Dog Staffie Ball

Staffies are known for their extreme chewing habits and ability to destroy most toys but this ball is designed Staffy proof! Originally developed for lions, tigers and polar bears, the Staffie Ball is designed to be your dog's most durable toy. Its 240mm diameter makes it virtually impossible for any dog to lock their jaw around the ball and its hard plastic design resists penetration from even the toughest chewers. Your dog will have a lot of fun chasing the ball around as it slips from their jaws! Most importantly, the ball is safe to leave with your dog 24/7.

The Staffie Ball is only available in the one size (240mm diameter) and is suitable for dogs of all ages. Despite the name 'Staffie Ball', the ball is suitable for all dog breeds - big and small! Lastly, included with your Staffie Ball purchase is a 12-Month warranty against destruction.


About Aussie Dog - Aussie Dog is an Australian company that consistently develops safe and long lasting enrichment for all animals including; dogs, lions, tigers, elephants, seals, monkeys horses, bears and polar bears. Using interactive and environmental designs, the company works closely with zoos, veterinarians, behaviour specialists and trainers to research and gather data to design the best enrichment products on the market.

If you have any questions about our Aussie Dog products, feel free to contact us on 1300 668 931.


  • Proven Staffy proof
  • Originally developed for lions, tigers and polar bears
  • Safe to leave with your dog 24/7
  • A ball that lasts!
  • Tough plastic
  • 240mm diameter
  • 12-Month Warranty

  • 1 x Aussie Dog Staffie Ball - 240mm diameter


12 Month Warranty against destruction. Damage caused by normal wear and tear is not accepted.