Speed Belt and Jogging Leash Bundle


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JK9 Speed Belt

  • Fits the body well and is very comfortable to wear
  • Distubutes load and is gentle on the waist
  • straps ensure the belt stays in place and won't slide or rotate
  • New buckle that is lighter and better fitting
  • Colour and style matches JK9 Speed and IDC Longwalk dog harnesses

Julius K9 Jogging Leash

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Leash clips directly onto the Julius K9 Premium Jogging Belt
  • Rubberised stretch material helps prevents sudden, jagged movements
  • Made with heavy-duty material to withstand environmental impacts
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Great for lifestyle and adventure dogs



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More Information

The JK9 Speed Belt

Designed for hobby and professional-level running and hiking, the JK9 Speed Belt fits the body well and focuses on your personal comfort. Due to its design, the belt is gentle on the waist and effectively distributes load weight. The belt will not slide up or rotate either, thanks to the straps running beneath the legs.

The handle of the leash is secured to you effectively, thanks to the cord that is threaded through the front of the JK9 Speed Belt. The belt also has adequate storage with a pocket for your smartphone, as well as side rings for smaller accessories that you made need on your adventures with your dog.

The belt includes reflective strips to make sure that you are at your safest, even in the dark.

The speed belt's visual design and colour match that of the JK9 Speed and IDC Longwalk dog harnesses, allowing for a fully cohesive set of running gear for both you and your dog.

Julius K9 Premium Jogging Leash

The Julius K9 Premium Jogging Leash is designed for use with the Julius K9 Premium Jogging Belt. The Jogging Belt & Leash combo provides you with a hands-free walk and run with your dog. The leash is made from a strong rubberised stretch material and heavy-duty buckles. Its heavy-duty material makes it resistant to environmental effects and is capable of stretching up to 42cm which helps to dampen sudden jolts, stops, pulls and other physical loads.

The Julius K9 Premium Jogging Leash comes in 2 sizes and is available in various colours, suitable for all dogs. 

Size 1 is suitable for everyday dog owners who enjoy walking or running their dogs in any environment.

Size 2 is suitable for the advanced dog owner, those who enjoy cycling, cross-country or hiking with their dog.



Heavy Duty

Thanks to the stretching rubberised leash and a heavy-duty material, it is resistant to many environmental effects

Dampen Effects

It will dampen sudden pulls or halts and other physical loads

Everyday Activities

For joggers, runners and walkers 130cm version is recommended

Advanced Activities

For cycling, cross-country and hiking the 200cm version is recommended