Listen to anyone who knows and they will tell you…the pet industry is booming.  At some point though there can only be so many pet shops, doggy groomers and sellers of bark collars right? So, clever entrepreneurs have come up with some novel ideas to convince you to part with your hard earned, and when I say novel, I mean NOVEL! So sit back, prepare to smile, laugh or just cringe with a shocked look on your face, as we announce the...



Top 5 Wackiest
Dog Products and Services…

5. Dog Ceremonies…

That’s right if you're concerned your male dog is messing around out of wedlock with the cute poodle next door…then do what’s right and decent and get them hitched. These civil ceremonies are not just available in the States but right here in Australia! However, if you are of the Jewish persuasion you will need to move to the US to get a ‘Bark Mitzvah’! If your dog needs to move from boyhood to manhood this is right up your alley, with some Bark Mitzvah’s costing proud owners in excess of $100,000.

4. Dog Hypnotherapy

According to a dog hypnotherapist from the UK, hypnotherapy is not hypnosis, but encourages the emotional flow of energy throughout the dog and shifting the ‘stuck’ energy. Four day retreats are also available for you and your dog for about a thousand bucks…money well spent if it can help your dog give up smoking and lose weight as well!

3. Pet Palace

You know if you are content buying a cheap dog kennel it is borderline cruelty right? You need to spend US$250,000.00 on a two bedroom ‘dog palace’. Heated beds, food dispensers, CCTV and 50 inch plasmas playing the dog whisperer 24 hrs a day are just some of the features. Most of my mates say swap the food dispensers for a bar fridge and get Fox Sports wired in, and they would move in tomorrow!

2. Dog Psychics..

Coming in at no.2 is Dog Psychics…but you psychics already knew that!

If your dog has passed to the next world, have a pet psychic ‘make contact’. From $150 per hour these sessions can be done over the phone. One Australian Psychic urges clients to make sure they tell their pets that a lady who can hear them will be in contact…as this will allow your pets to have their questions ready!




1. Neuticles

Coming in at no.1 one is a great product for the dog that is suffering self-esteem issues after being…um, neutered. I know every red blooded male out there is cringing at the thought, but rest assured your dog will no longer be teased by intact dogs when he has a replacement ‘full set’. I imagine really insecure dogs could even ask for a larger set of replicas to really stand out at the dog park. Ensure you get the baseball cap as well…even though I am not sure where you would wear it!