Size Chart For For Dog Muzzles

Choosing the correct muzzle for your dog is essential. A properly fitted muzzle reduces your dog's urge to attempt to push or scrape their muzzle off. After you've measured your dog's snout (measuring guide below) use the following table to determine the correct muzzle. Click the Muzzle Code to go to its product page. If you have any questions about the muzzles or measuring, feel free to contact one of our experts at 1300 688 931.

Quick Reference for Muzzles
Muzzle Code Muzzle Type Nose Circumference Nose Length Nose Height Suggested Dog Type
1734G Hand Made Closed Leather Muzzle 35cm 11cm 10cm Shepherd (male)
17202 Hand Made Leather Muzzle Medium 29cm 9cm 8cm Shepherd
190EM Metal Muzzle 15cm 6cm 5.5cm Shitzu, Yorkshire Terrier & Small Schnauzer
190JD Metal Muzzle 21cm 9cm 6cm Dachshund (Large)
19000 Metal Muzzle 26cm 10cm 7cm Fox Terrier, Spaniel & Other Small Breeds
19001 Metal Muzzle 20cm 7cm 5cm Yorkshire Terrier & Mini Pinscher
19005 Metal Muzzle 30.5cm 10cm 7cm Staffordshire Terrier
19007 Metal Muzzle 37cm 13cm 10cm Shepherd (Medium)
190B2 Metal Muzzle 40cm 9cm 11cm Boxer
19008 Metal Muzzle 40cm 13cm 11cm Shepherd (Big)
190DO Metal Muzzle 49cm 15cm 11cm Shepherd and Mastiff
190CM Metal Muzzle 28cm 11cm 5.5cm Collie (Small)
190CD Metal Muzzle 30cm 12cm 7cm Collie (Big)
190G1 Metal Muzzle 32cm 13cm 9.5cm Mali, Doberman (Female)
190R1 Metal Muzzle 34.5cm 10cm 10.5cm Rottweiler (Female)
190P3 Metal Muzzle 34cm 12cm 10.5cm Mali (female), German Shepherd (female)
190P5 Metal Muzzle 38cm 12cm 12cm Rottweiler (male), German Shepherd (male)
To choose the perfect muzzle for your dog you will need to measure your dog in the following areas:
  • Measure the Circumference around the snout while the mouth is open (dog panting).
  • Measure the length of your dog's snout from the tip of the nose.
  • Measure the height of your dog's snout from the tip of the nose. 
If you add 1cm to these measurements you will get the correct size and most comfortable muzzle for your dog.

If you are still unsure on which muzzle is suitable for your dog please don't hesitate in contacting us on 1300 668 931

*Please note that if you do not find the exact size in our list it is always best to go for the closest sizing as all dogs are different for these products.