Aust’s Top 10 Barking Dogs

A few years back at Bark Control we thought it might be fun to tally up the top 10 barking dogs in Australia.  So now we thought we should see if the trends are the same or have there been some changes.  Remember this order is reflective of the amount of inquiries/orders we get for barking products not on what dog is the noisiest!  So let’s check out who made the list!

Number 10.  Labrador/Golden Retriever.  A growing customer, but due to this breeds popularity probably does not deserve the reputation of being a bad barker. (Previous  - )

Number 9.  Pomeranian.  The first of the small dogs to make the list and they are definitely on the increase!  In fact small breeds have displaced many larger breeds this time round! (Previous  - )

Number 8.  Chihuahua.  Another small dog joins the list!  Are you starting to see a trend here?  Like the Pomeranians a piecing barker that can go straight through you.  (Previous - )

Number 7.   Fox Terrier.  The last of the newcomers and another small dog...are we surprised?  Similar style of barker to the Jack Russell and an increasingly good customer!  (Previous - )

Number 6.  Kelpie.  Working dogs always feature prominently when it comes to barking and the ever popular Kelpie is no exception.  Has dropped down one place in our barking list.  (previous 5)

Number 5.  German Shepherd.  A very loud territorial barker.  This breeds increasing popularity in suburban homes no doubt adding to barking complaints.  The German Shepherd has gone up one spot!  (Previous 6)

Number 4.  Cattle Dog.  Another loud territorial barker that is migrating from the country to the suburbs in increasing numbers.  Always close to the top as far as barkers go!  (Previous 3)

Number 3.  Jack Russell.  The big dog stuck in the little dog’s body was always going to be near the top.  I don’t know any quiet Jack Russell’s!  Has moved up a spot.  (Previous 4)

Number 2.  Border Collie.  Last time number one but has been knocked off the perch!  This extremely active working breed is always looking for stimulation and will often bark to get it.  (Previous 1)

Number 1.  White Fluffy Dogs!  Now some might think it unfair to group all the small white fluffy breeds together but funny enough that is how most of their owners refer to them when they call us.  So if you have a shitzhu, malteze, oodle etc etc you are in this auspicious group!  They are very popular breeds these days and this will also reflect on their high ranking, but make no mistake we are always selling a bark product to one of these very vocal breeds. (Previous 2)

Well there you have it lots of new breeds in and some old ones out like Beagles and Staffies.  You can argue the why's and why not's now!  However, if you ask me, per head of population out there the biggest barking dog is not on the list…the Maremma Sheep Dog!