Julius K9 Range

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharnesses are the highest quality dog harnesses in the world today.

  • Hand-made from high-quality, rugged European materials.

  • Innovative, sporty design suitable for all dogs.

  • Customisable with funky and cool removable patches to increase individuality and visibility.

How the Julius-K9 is made
IDC Powerharness Removable patches
IDC powerharness reflective image

Innovative Design

Designed with an angled profile so that the sides of the harness are parallel to the ground, moves the power of the attached lead forward to the chest of the dog to spread the control and reduce the chocking effect of a conventional collar system.

The backing material of the harness is breathable and skin friendly, constructed from OEKO-Tex, allowing your dog's skin to breathe and reduce the occurences of skin irritation and increase the comfort of the dog when wearing it. The IDC Powerharness is fixed using a heavy duty buckle that has been tested up to 350kg by Julius K-9 and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Julius-K0 harness with lead
Replacement patchs

Removable and Reflective Velcro Patches and Labels

Pimp your dog with one of our funky removable velcor patches to fit all sizes of harness. We supply the harness with a set of free reflective patches but you can take it a step futher. By the way, as this label is velcro backed it can secure to any vest or uniform with a velcro strip, just saying... "DIVA" All patches are reflective and phosphorescent. The wording is reflective and the Julis K-9 branding is Phosporescent adding to the safety of your dog.

Replacement patch DRAMAQUEEN

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