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Common Dog Fence Layouts Videos

Not sure of the best way to run the wire around your boundary? Here are some short videos of the most common dog fence layouts. Be sure to contact us if you require a different type of layout...

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Bark Collars by breed chart

At Bark Control, we get lots of requests asking what is the best barking collar for a particular breed.
Well, after a fair bit of work, the guys have selected our most common dog breeds and allocated a list of
bark collars we think will get you the best results.

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Dog Barking Collars - How to fit one properly

Your dog's collar needs to be fitted high up on your dog's neck (just underneath their jawline) and adjusted tight enough so that it doesn't move side to side. Once it's in this position, give the module a quick shake-up and down to shuffle the probes through your dog's fur.

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